Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hunt down Champions Alonso in Formula One

MARANELLO - Fernando Alonso aware to pass through Sebastian Vettel at the top of Formula One (F1) is not easy. However, Alonso insists'm used to being the hunter title.

Ferrari is leading the F1 championship since mid-season. However, Alonso Top Rated Alerts by Vettel snatched away, when it won the Korean Grand Prix last week.

Now, the star of Red Bull's flagship managed to lead the standings with six points from Alonso. However, this situation does not make the Spaniard was frustrated. He was determined to fight until the end of the season.

"This situation is not new. In the last five years of my career. My condition is good, I believe, and was used in this condition. We always look up to, but we were very comfortable like this, "said Alonso, quoted by Crash.

After the race in Korea, race pole will continue in India, Abu Dhabi, United and last in Brazil. Responding to four circuits, Alonso believes Ferrari can compete with Red Bull in there.

"We will show the performance of the car with a maximum when under pressure, as I said there are four more races. In some tracks that we are more competitive and it is still possible for us to fight for the title, "he said.


Monday, February 27, 2012

After falling behind two goals, Arsenal Rise

Arsenal managed to score five goals against Tottenham Hotspur. Having missed the first two goals, in the continuation of the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (26/2). Initially the club seemed to master the game room. Tottenham Hotspur did not take long to find the net for a new host in the fourth minute Louis Saha scored the opening goal. Hotspur scored again in the 34th minute penalty kick past former Arsenal player, Emmanuel Adebayor. However, the host club can score two goals in three minutes before the halftime. Bacary Sagna goal occurred in the 40th minute and captain Robin van Persie helped Arsenal leveled 2-2 before halftime. Tomas Rosicky added a goal for Arsenal in the second half of the match was exciting. In the span of three minutes Theo Walcott scored two goals at once. Substitutions are performed Hotspur boss, Harry Redknapp, unable to stem the Arsenal attack. The match ended 5-2. Manchester United Arsene Wenger has previously won only once in seven meetings with competitors from North London. With the results of the match, Arsenal are now in fourth place in the Tottenham in the Premier League standings. Meanwhile, Manchester United travel to Norwich and bagging two goals from Paul Scholes and Ryan donations Giggs. Norwich had equalized 1-1 goal by Grant Holt. Victory today is different to Manchester United just two points with Manchester City at the top of the standings.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

West beat the East, Durant MVP

Orlando - The star player of the Western Conference team, again defeating the Eastern Conference team in the NBA All-Star game. Small Forward Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder was selected as Most Valuable Player (MVP). In a match that ended at the Amway Center on Monday (2/27/2012) morning local time, the West team dibesut by Thunder coach Scott Brooks successfully lowered the East team with a score of 152-149 thin. West teams started the game with, beautiful to leave the East team with a difference of nearly 10 points in a 39-28 position at the end of the first 12 minutes. Although in the second quarter of each team look attractive, but the pace taut West team could not be chased away by the East team that is now behind 21 points in a 69-88 position. A total of 43 points accounted for the East team and only conceded 36 points to cut the distance to the West a 112-124 team at the end of the third quarter. The fight occurred in the quarter final exclamation. Difference in numbers slowly trimmed in which the East team just one point behind West team by a score of 149-150 when the game just 20 seconds remaining. A number of the results of Bryant free throws to increase the acquisition of the West team 151-149. Even so, the East team refused to give up. However, at crucial times, James makes the mistake of doing a bad pass, so the ball can be stolen by Griffin who then violated by Deron Williams. Violations of the fruit of two free throws by the player who executed the LA Clippers. In the remaining time is less than one second, Wade tried his luck with a three-point shot off but misses. The victory earned the team the West 152-149. Durant is getting trophies MVP scored 36 points, seven rebounds and three assists. Pesaingan closest was James who earn the same points, with six rebounds and seven assists. A number of Western team players scored at least 20 points, including the acquisition of Bryant (27 points), Griffin (22 points) and Russell Westbrook. While there are from the East team Wade (24 points) and Williams (20 points).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lazio, like new derby win

Rome - Victory Lasio with 10 players to overcome, Cesena is also after the first two goals behind. So special, for Lazio was like a victory in the derby. Lazio are likely to lose points and bowed embarrassed at home alone, Olimpico, because it was behind 0-2 over Cesena, and playing minus one player, in the first half of the game, Friday (02/10/2012) pm dawn. However, in the middle of the second half kicked off and managed to overturn Biancocelesti estimates. Scored three goals, Lazio wins and finished the game turned around with his head held high. "To win a game like this is like winning the derby, although of course (the victory in the derby) it always gives a special feeling different," said Edy Reja allenatore Lazio in the Italian Football. The results were at once made ​​Rome his feet after the weekend 2-3 defeat of Genoa thin. Additional three points to make the club of Rome was now sitting in the top three standings. "I'm sure if we have not conceded a goal at all three opponents Genoa last week, we were also able to win the party," Reja value.

Nadal and the Spanish foreign minister condemned the 'Video Doping Athletes Spain'

Madrid - Rafael Nadal blasted the "joint venture" of France to discredit him and his fellow athletes Spain, by indicating their success is due to doping. As reported earlier, French television Canal + publicize a video which contains a sharp satire to the Spanish athletes. Which also presents the video of a similar figure is no doubt make Nadal upset the Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) are ready to file lawsuits. Nadal was as upset. Moreover, it is not the first time the French camp to the scorn of the Spanish athlete, something that makes Nadal judge it as a deliberate attempt plotted by the French sports world. "That is the kind of humor that is not a problem for one day, but if it is not repeated correctly and I think it's a bit over the limit," Nadal said after a practice session in his hometown of Mallorca, as reported by Reuters. "I think it's not just a media course, this is a movement together from our neighboring countries. Sad to see something like this tarnish the success already achieved with difficulty. I assure you there is absolutely no drugs or needles (doping), "the world's second ranked player beber ever six-time champion at the French Open. In addition to video Nadal, Canal + has also been broadcast mentioned a few impressions other materials that also indicates that Spanish athletes are using illegal drugs. Case is more serious because of the harsh comments go fishing Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo. He even said that the Spanish embassy in Paris would send divulging official objection to the French media, and Canal + in particular. "The video was bad taste and shows a lack of ethics, as well as a lie, 'she added. source:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

'War' Rossi vs Honda on Twitter

The relationship between Valentino Rossi with Repsol Honda has long been known to not work properly. Further confirmed that the 'war' that occurred between them through social networking Twitter. It was started from a post HRC via twitter account (@ HRC_MotoGP). HRC published a picture that contains a statistical comparison between Rossi to Casey Stoner since 2006. The statistics said that since the 2006 season Stoner has had 100 races, won 33 victories, 34 pole positions, 59 podiums, two world championship titles and race wins to 33%. Stoner held the record is better than Rossi. In the same period, The Doctor had 101 races, won 26 victories, 19 poles, 58 podiums, two world championship titles and a victory percentage of 25.7%. HRC to post pictures of these statistics with the inscription 'statistically speaking'. This then makes Rossi hooked. Seven-time world champion in different classes that respond through personal twitter account @ ValeYellow46. "Uh uh, very easy to compare the figures between me and Stoner since 2006, when (then) I've won five world championship titles and won 53 MotoGP races. Should the comparison is my first five years and the first five years of Stoner," wrote Rossi. Rossi is not only a protest with the HRC post because some of their followers have also questioned the purpose of loading statistics. HRC then revoke the posting and said that they did not mean to belittle Rossi. "Do not take it too seriously! It was just a bit of fun ...." "Uhhhh, do not underestimate the achievement of Casey ... just show ... anyway, THIS is the HRC's twitter and not a Ducati," the HRC said the protest fans.

Tony Parker Still Hot for Spurs

San Antonio - Tony Parke continued triumphant performance with the San Antonio Spurs. French star was back to being top scorer in his team beat the Philadelphia 76ers by a score of 100-90. In a match that took place on Thursday (09/02/2012) morning local time, Parker gain 37 points, while helping the Spurs for the sixth consecutive win streak. Parker was on fire for the last five games is averaging 28.4 points. Two days ago he appeared when posted a remarkable 42 points as the Spurs beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 107-96. In addition to Parker, the other Spurs players who contributed large donations were Gary Neal with 18 points, Tim Duncan and veteran players who chalked 16 points plus 11 rebounds. In the other match the Chicago Bulls their fourth consecutive victory. Today they beat the New Orleans Hornets to 90-67. Create Hornets score is almost close to the lowest in their history, which is 65 points. source: